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A passionate and task oriented personality, demonstrating initiative and energy with experience in Hi-tech industry in a highly Innovative Start-up Company. Strengths include team management, coordinating people through common objectives, working in multinational environment, excellent communication skills and knowledge sharing, high tolerance to ambiguity.


· Date of birth/place: 09.08.1976/ Kayseri, Turkiye
· Military Service: Started on 01.12.2006, Will Finish on 09.11.2007
· Nationality: Republic of Turkiye
· Languages: Turkish (mother tongue), Fluent in written and spoken English, fair in Italian


· 2005-2006, MBA, MIP School of Business, Politecnico di Milano, MIP Scholarship, Milan, Italy
· 2002-2004, Graduate, Design and Management of Information Systems (3,53/4), Technical University of Istanbul, Company Scholarship, Istanbul, Turkiye
· 1995-2001, Electrical Engineering, Technical University of Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkiye


INDESIT COMPANY, Fabriano, Italy (www.indesitcompany.com)
02/2006 - 10/2006
· Prepared a report that compares actual software development process and best practices(Agile Software Development Methodologies – eXtreme Programming, SCRUM). Offered a new software development process to Electronic Development Team Department for better software development.
· Coded a C#/XML/SQL application to extract information on Software Metrics of SW Projects at Electronic Development Team Department on .NET platform.
· Prepared User Interface for CCCC (C++ and C Code Counter) using Python.
· Produced Test Cases using black box and white box approach. Performed implementations using Tessy. Integrated the test process into the actual software development process.

AirTies Wireless Networks Inc., Istanbul, Turkiye ( www.airties.com) 01/2004 - 03/2005
AirTies Wireless Networks Inc. is a highly innovative Start-up Company specialized in Wireless Indoor Networking. The Company is expanding its software/hardware design capabilities through well-known innovative figures in Hi-tech Industry from U.S.A., Holland and Turkiye. Its current market being Turkiye, AirTies achieved to become #1 in terms of sales with six products focusing on adsl&wi-fi technology.
R&D Engineer · Temporarily participated in the board of directors during the launch of 4 main products of the company and in its entrance period to the Turkish market. Decisions on Brand Name, Logo, searching and hiring engineers, search and choice of appropriate Advertisement Company, evaluation of hardware and software test devices are the main activities which are done through internal communication in this period.
· Accomplished the tests of AirTies Wireless ADSL Modem in Turk Telecom Laboratories with NEC and Alcatel DSLAMs. Managed the tests of Wireless Access Points and Voice over IP devices. Reported found bugs related to hardware or software and activated bug termination processes by coordinating meetings with teams in Taiwan, USA and Turkiye.
· Created software programs for Turkish market to ease installing and commanding the Wi-fi devices.
· Carried out training for resellers’ technicians on 802.11 networks and AirTies’ devices. Actively Implemented Wireless Network Installation and informed technicians on emerging technologies through studies of IEEE 802.11 study group.
· Prepared the guides of 2 out of 4 main devices which AirTies supplied to the Turkish market and actively participated in the design process of the Advertisement Company.
· Prepared training materials for users and for technicians.
· Monitored and evaluated the products’ place in the market through benchmarking.
· Introduced the brand, the devices and company’s figures to a well known Hi-Tech Publication called IT Business Weekly.

Istanbul Etut Merkezi, Istanbul, Turkiye
12/2001 - 01/2003
Istanbul Etut Merkezi was created by 3 graduate students with the purpose of giving private lessons to high school students and guiding them for their job selection process.
Constructor and Tutor
· Math and Natural Sciences lessons to 20 constant students of the Tutor Center.
· Guided over 100 students through their specialization selection.

Samim Sepici Electrical Devices, Istanbul, Turkiye
11/1997 - 08/1998
S.S.E. Devices is a small company which sold buttons, switches and electrical appliances to SMBs and houses.
Sales Responsible
· Prepared the database of the devices and managed the stock. Prevented the stock-outs, increased the reliability of the company.
· Sold buttons, switches and electrical appliances to customers via phone calls, through meetings. Added new products to product portfolio. Achieved 20% increase on sales compared to last year same period.


· C course in C and System Programming Association(www.csystem.org), Istanbul, Turkiye
· Linux, C, C++, Java, MYSQL, HTML, XML, Perl-CGI, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Tcl/Tk, VB, Software Engineering, Technical University of Istanbul
· Cisco systems CCNA certification program(2nd course out of 4), Technical University of Istanbul
· IEEE 802.11: Wireless Indoor Networking, LAN, WAN standards, Mesh, Cisco Router Configuration, VoIP Protocols: SIP, H.323


DNA, Istanbul, Turkiye (www.dna-tr.net) 02/2003 - 07/2003
DNA is a software company that is highly engaged in creating web-based applications on Linux Platforms with Java and JSP. Company has strong relationships with the universities in Istanbul.
Software Engineer
Software Engineer
· Coded Applet-Servlet-Database Application Module using Java for an Auction web site.
· Coded web-based applications using JSP for Samsung Turkiye and Pusula Auction Web Site.
· Tested 2 web-based projects, reported bugs and gave proposals for correction phase.

SUPERONLINE Inc., Istanbul, Turkiye (www.superonline.com)
09/2001 - 11/2001
Testing Phase of One-Way Satellite Internet Connection
· Tested the one way internet connection application implemented by the Satellite Services Department of Superonline leading #1 ISP of Turkiye. Prepared a report on download speed of this Service on different time periods determined by Project Leader and checked if the system was sufficient for downloading Digital Video Broadcasting. Searched for similar applications implemented by European Companies, and managed mailings related to problems reported during the development phase.
· Managed the introduction of this application in the biggest Satellite Fair of Turkiye that takes place in CNR exhibition area.

Brief Summary of My Objectives

Wireless technologies, new product development, electrical engineering, information systems and administrative responsibilities on these professions are the competitive areas that best match my experiences and skills and in which I would like to further develop.
Finished my undergraduate in Electrical Engineering at the Technical University of Istanbul. Graduated from the Technical University of Istanbul with a degree in Design and Management of Information Systems. I completed my MBA education at MIP Politecnico di Milano on May 2006.